Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The annual History Grad Student Committee Book Pub is taking place at the Faculty Club on Friday March 6th at 3:30pm. (A "book pub" is a "book auction" at which beverages are sold.) This is generally the biggest fundraiser of the year for the HGSC. Not only will a whole lot of swell books be auctioned off at ridiculously low prices, but History graduate students will be auctioning off their research skills -- faculty bidders only I'm afraid -- at the Book Pub as well. This event provides the opportunity to support the HGSC while enhancing your book collection and/or research. The HGSC relies on the Book Pub to fund many of its events throughout the year, including the Keewatin Conference this April.

And know this: UNDERGRADS ARE WELCOME! Indeed, HUSA members are actively working behind the scenes on Book Pub Prep even as we speak. HUSA will therefore receive a cut of the proceeds, which will go towards subsidizing the price of student tickets for the History Graduates' Banquet on May 24th (the Sunday before Convocation).

So, Undergrads! Your money is as good as any grad student's, and your craving for books may well be as highly developed and as likely to be sated by the delicacies that may be had at the Book Pub.

Speaking of money, cash and cheques only, please. Come early and buy often! Hope to see you all there.