Thursday, January 03, 2013

Looking for a 400-level seminar? And the chance for hands-on history...?

Then consider History 462.3 ("Orality, Literacy, Memory, Tradition and History") offered by Ph.D. candidate, Mandy Fehr, this term (Mondays, 2:30-5:20).

Explore ideas of orality, literacy, memory, tradition and history in a variety of temporal and geographic contexts! Conduct original oral and archival research for a project at the Diefenbaker Canada Centre!

In this course, you will...
  • Gain experience conducting oral interviews while working with a local museum.
  • Connect theory and practice  in intensive seminars, and while conducting original research. Research and write history for public and academic audiences on a topic that interests you.
  • Meet and work with people practicing history in a variety of settings.
For more information, and to learn how this course can compliment your interests contact Amanda Fehr,