Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Congratulations to Simonne Horwitz, who has been awarded a USSU Teaching Award for 2009, as voted by the students in a campus-wide competition. Only ten such awards are given out annually across the university. Remarkably, Simonne garnered this honour in her first year of full-time teaching for her inaugural edition of History 299.6, Africans on the Move: The History of Voluntary and Involuntary Migration in, and from, Africa between the Earliest Times and the Present. Simonne will receive her award at a ceremony on March 22nd. Congratulations, Simonne!

Please note that Simonne will be teaching this course again next year, along with a new honours seminar, History 498.3, "History of HIV/AIDA, With a Special Focus on the Developing World". The advising season will be upon us shortly, so if you are looking for courses for next year, keep these in mind.