Monday, August 11, 2008

It seems like not so long ago that star reporter Wendy Gillis, make that Star Phoenix reporter Wendy Gillis, was a History student. In fact, it was not so long ago at all. Wendy graduated this past May with a double honours degree in History and Something Else.

Believe it or not, writing essays was never enough for Wendy. Not enough writing, that is. Wendy always intended to parlay her History degree into a career in journalism, and she worked hard to get to where she has already got. As of June, she was still Editor-in-Chief of the Sheaf (in which capacity she appears here, lobbying for improved funding for the paper), and she is a former intern and frequent contributor to Explore: A Journal of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation at the University of Saskatchewan published by our friends over at the Research Communications Office. These days, Wendy covers the city beat for the Star Phoenix. Her byline has appeared regularly on the front page in recent days, including today's sad lead on the death of a Saskatchewan soldier in Afghanistan, and last week's gut-churning review of the rides at this year's Ex. Just goes to show that with talent and hard work you can witness history unfolding and write for pay.