Monday, August 11, 2008

Congratulations to Steve Cavan, who for many years taught Classics at the U of S. Thousands of you will know Steve from his famous "Myths" class. Steve no longer teaches for us, but our loss is beers gain. Steve is the founder and commander-in-chief of the increasingly celebrated Paddock Wood Brewery, whose hand-crafted beers are made here and sold now in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. Besides drinking real good, Steve's beers continue to garner awards. Not just those illegible little foil medallion thingys the Germans slap on their bottles, either, but real awards like Best Canadian Lager 2008, which the Calgary Beer Festival recently bestowed on Paddock Wood's wondrous Black Cat Lager, and the even more prestigious Best Locally Brewed Beer award from Planet S Magazine. As Steve says, "Think Globally. Drink Locally."