Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On April 1, 2008, students in Pam Jordan's HIST 386 (Intelligence and Espionage in the Twentieth Century) participated in the second annual Spy Jeopardy Game. The game involved contestants’ answering challenging questions about spy history and breaking a secret code, while physically and mentally defending themselves from their opponents (who could cheat, steal, bribe other students, etc., in order to win the game—although defenestration was prohibited). This year, Michael Kunz (Double Honours in History and Political Studies) won the Spy of the Year Award and an entry in a Homeland Security log by earning the most points (Breonie MacMahon took the silver, and Carolyn Bartlett and Tyler Dovell tied for the bronze). His gold-plated certificate says that the award “also comes with a free copy of James Bond theme songs and a perpetual obligation to protect and defend the interests of the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of History.” Michael enthusiastically accepted the award before the class and pledged to fulfill his obligation to the best of his abilities.