Friday, April 04, 2008

As those of you heading into your fourth year of the History Honours program prepare to meet with a faculty advisor (see below!) and so forth, you should also know about a $1,700 scholarship that students must apply for in order to be considered for, let alone win . The Kathleen McKenzie Scholarship is awarded by the Department of History annually to student entering the fourth year of an Honours program in History who has received the highest cumulative average across all courses compared to others who apply.

Do you think for a moment that Lucas B. Lucre (B.A. hons), seen right, ever regretted applying? To this day, he likes to take out his scholarship money and count it just to remind himself of how very great he is. And that's the point, because for all you know you might be great, too! But you won't know unless you apply.
To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must have completed 90 cu applicable to their History Honours degree, including at least 18 cu in History. The minimum academic standard is a grade average of 75 overall and 80 or better in History. The recipient must enroll in at least 18cu in his or her fourth year. Deadline for applications is April 30th, and the selection will be made by June 15th. Click here for the application form, or pick one up next time you are on the 7th floor.