Thursday, March 27, 2008

Historians established some years back that our Victorian fore-parents did indeed have sex.

Now, in the course of the Jessie Caldwell Memorial Lecture to be delivered to the Saskatoon Archaeological Society this Friday, March 28th, at 7:30 in room 132 of the Archaeology Building here on campus, our very own
Chris Kent (seen left in dapper modern garb) aims to take counter-intuitive scholarship a well-heeled step further. In "How To Dress Like a Victorian Gentleman", Chris will explain that "the Victorian gentleman was not eternally clad in a tubular outfit of boring bourgeois basic black." [Which, now that we think of it, may help to explain how they managed to have sex, after all.] "In fact gentlemen's dress styles varied widely, more so than they do today in colour, cut, and detail. It was the mark of a gentleman to demand distinctive features in his clothing, and the gentleman's tailor was only too happy to oblige, since such features generally added to the cost of the clothes, and were a mark of their being custom tailored." Drop by the Archaeology Building on Friday evening to learn more. Everyone welcome.