Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Introducing the

History Undergraduate Program & Course Guide


The Spring and Summer 2008 Course Offerings

As a special favour to our loyal What's Up readers, we are providing you with a sneak preview of the online edition of the regular season Handbook and the Spring and Summer supplement at no extra cost! Truth be told, this online edition will be updated whenever the Handbook is tweaked, and so watch this site!, because the Handbook you click on here will actually be even more up-to-date and authoritative than the pretty-darn-authoritative-and-rather-more-portable printed version set to appear early next week at a History Department General Office near you!

Just imagine how jealous your friends will be when they learn that you not only already know what courses will be offered by the History Department next year, but that you even know when they will be offered! That's right! Next year's Timetable is included in the Handbook at no extra cost! We ask only that you play fair and resist the temptation to take undue advantage of the power this knowledge unleashes in you.


The release of THE BOOK means, of course, that ADVISING SEASON is upon us!

The History Department will be primed and ready to go when you turn up at the appointed time to meet with a friendly faculty advisor.

What's that, you say? You don't have an appointed time?

It's not too late. History Faculty will be slopping advice around like opinionated drunken sailors during designated morning and afternoon hours from Monday March 31st to Friday April 25th.

So don't miss out. Go to the 7th Floor, follow the signs, and SIGN UP for an appointment with a faculty advisor. Your future in the past awaits you!