Thursday, March 22, 2007

HUSA presents the 2007 History Graduation Dinner,Wednesday, March 28. 6:30 at the Faculty Club.
All students who convocated last fall or who expect to do so this spring are especially invited, along with family members and friends (not that those two groups are mutually exclusive, necessarily). If past events are anything to go by (and we are historians, so the past certainly ought to be a reliable guide) then we can expect an evening just formal-ish enough to seem special, but also relaxed and easy-going in the classic Saskatchewenian fashion. A nice break from the hum-drum business of trying to actually, like, graduate. The keynote speaker this year is Professor Emeritus Michael Hayden. The bargain price for a fine meal and great company is $30, and tickets can be had from your nearest friendly HUSA rep, or by emailing HUSA at Put your posse together and get ready to chow down historically.