Sunday, March 25, 2007

The History Grad Student Committee (HGSC) is hosting a fund-raiser this Thursday, March 29th at 7:pm in the lower lounge of Joe Dog's Sports Bar and Grill, to help reduce the costs of students presenting papers at the upcoming Buffalo Province History Conference. Please see the attached poster for details on the fund-raiser. Faculty are, of course, most welcome to purchase a ticket and participate in the fun. Indeed, Faculty (Ed: we here at What's Up commend the HGSC for using a capital "F" and the silent but respectfully deferential tip of the metaphorical cap it represents) are welcome to donate whatever amount they care to and not participate in the fun at all, if that be their desire.

All tickets sold and every donation made increases the subsidy for student presenters. Advance tickets are $12 each. The HGSC wishes arithmetically challenged history types to know that the “Buffalo Pack” of 5 tickets for $60 is a much better deal. Tickets can be purchased from Nadine in the Dept office starting up to the day of the event (Thursday). Cash or cheques payable to the History Graduate Students Committee gladly accepted.