Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Congratulations to Keith Carlson, who, along with Kristina Fagan of the English Department, has co-edited a new edition of Henry 'Hank' Pennier's 1972 autobiography, 'Call Me Hank': A Stó:lõ Man's Reflections on Logging, Living, and Growing Old (University of Toronto Press & The Pennier Family, 2006). Pennier was a logger, story-teller, and self-described 'half-breed' whose memoirs offers poignant political commentary on issues of race, labour, and life. Keith and Kristina have added a scholarly introduction that set's Hank and his story in context. The U of T Press won't sell you a copy until next month, but their web site is working these days so you can learn more about it by clicking here. Keith reports that the Pennier family has organized a sacred "burning ceremony" whereby a shaman will burn food, clothing and a copy of the book for the now deceased author so he can have it "in the afterlife". This appears to be the first public book-burning ceremony that the University of Toronto Press has endorsed.