Monday, October 30, 2006

HUSA is up and running this year, and upcoming events include the following:

1) "Remember, remember, the fifth of November!" Come celebrate Guy Fawkes' Night with HUSA this Saturday, November 4th (November 5th in England). Festivities begin at Winston's pub (below the Senator hotel downtown) at 8pm. "Traditional Guy Fawkes' day celebrations" to follow at location TBA.

2) The infamous HUSA Meet the Profs Night is coming soon! (Fashionably late, but all the more welcome). Come meet (or re-meet, or meet outside the classroom) your favourite history professors on November 17 at Louis' pub on campus, starting at 5pm. (Details with Louis' are being hammered out, but this date is not likely to change, and if it does, we'll let you know asap!). Free food and beverages (both fermented and non-) will be served! Hope to see you there!