Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bill Waiser has just been named one of the five new recipients of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the highest honour bestowed by the Province of Saskatchewan. Bill joins an illustrious list of 141 holders of the award who have been honoured since it was instituted in 1985. Bill, described in classic Star Phoenix style as a "Saskatoon storyteller" and "history buff" -- which indeed he is -- is being recognized for his outstanding work in not only uncovering and writing the history of this province, but in making that history accessible to the wider public, especially through his much-honoured Saskatchewan: A New History (2005). The award will be presented in November by our new (and our own) Lieutenant Governor, Gordon Barnhardt (Ph.D., 1998), who announced the names of the recipients on October 6th. Bill has postponed a planned trip to Japan, where he was to give lectures on Saskatchewan history, in order to attend the awards ceremony. When you see Bill, be sure to congratulate him on this latest, and richly deserved honour. He has, not for the first time, done us all proud.