Monday, May 08, 2006

History will be well represented at Stepping Stones 2006, the 14th annual graduate student conference sponsored by the College of Graduate Studies and Research and the Graduate Students' Association. The conference is an all-day affair that starts at 8:45 on Wednesday, May 10th in STM 344B. Our very own MA candidate Cameron Goodfellow will start things off at 9:am with an opening address delivered in his capacity as incoming president of the G.S.A., at 9:45 fellow M.A. candidate Chris Clarke will deliver a paper entitled "The Blogger and the Travel Writer: How Today’s Technological Advancement Can Affect Historical Thinking"; and at 11:00 Ph.D. candidate Jason Zorbas will deliver "The Narrative Triumphant: Examining the Lack of Technological and Theoretical Innovation in Canadian Diplomatic History".