Monday, May 08, 2006

Congratulations to our grad students just returned from the University of Regina/University of Saskatchewan Graduate History Students' Conference, held this past Saturday in Regina. Two van's worth of U of S presenters gave papers, including Tom Novosel, “CCF Lost Opportunities for a Provincial Pulp and/or Paper Industry: The Potential for a 'New Empire' in Northern Saskatchewan”; Byron Plant, “Administering the Urban “Indian Problem”: Aboriginal Urbanization and Federal-Provincial Relations after 1945”; Christine Charmbury, “Foreign Indians: Implications of the Dakota Peoples Migration From American to Canadian Territories after 1862”; Rob Morley “Identity, Individuality, Masculinity and Morale in British Pilot Training, 1912 – 1918”; Sarah Person, “Hugo Chavez and the New Latin American Left"; Melanie Racette-Campbell, “Pederasty and the Other in Classical Athens”; Orysia Ehrmantraut, “Reflections on the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church”; Chris Clarke, “Simple Explanations for Individualized Experiences: The Different Voices Within New World Travel Writing"; Cinnamon Pandur, “The Changing Face of Archaeology on Canada's Pacific Coast in the Later Half of the 20th Century”; and Lindsay Manz, “A Soviet Tale: Literary Policy and the Appropriation of Folklore in Children's Literature, 1932-1941.”