Wednesday, February 01, 2012

15th Annual Swan Colloquium a Great Success!

By Angela Kalinowski, History Undergraduate Committee Chair

January 20, 2011 marked the 15th Annual Michael Swan Colloquium showcasing the work of History and Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies Honours students. Seventeen students presented short papers from their senior seminars. With topics ranging from medieval manuscript studies, to LSD in Saskatchewan, to trench newspapers in WWI, the audience was treated to the wide range of fascinating student work in History and CMRS.

The colloquium was well attended: between twenty and thirty people were in the audience of each of the six sessions! Thanks to the undergraduate and graduate students, post doctoral fellows, faculty members and emeriti, including Michael Swan, and family members, who came out to support the student presenters. 

A certain particularly interested audience member!

Events like these require a lot of planning, so many thanks are due to those who worked behind the scenes to make it a success, particularly Ingrid McGregor and Linda Dietz of the History Department, and Terresa Ann Demong and Leland of the Diefenbaker Center.

Finally, warm congratulations to all students who participated in the Swan Colloquium: Jonathan Bramall, Damian Braun, Ryan Buhay, Bronwyn Craig, Regan Flaherty, Matthew Kerr, Randall Knight, Christopher McGarity, Dallas Posavad, Logan Richards, Amanda Shea, David Seibel, Kevin Sexsmith, Tyler Reimer, Clare Thomson, Gina Trapp, and Sarah Vela.
The Swans of 2012

Everyone in the audience commented on the uniformly high quality of your papers and your professional comportment. You have completed another step in your degree, and more importantly, did a great job! You should be proud of yourselves.