Tuesday, October 05, 2010


On Saturday, October 2nd members of our Department, including Sara Roberts, Amy Samson, Blaine Wickham, Lucas Richert, Simonne Horwitz and Erika Dyck joined some of our co-regionalists for a day of history of medicine.  The event was hosted by the University of Minnesota's History of Medicine group as the second annual 'MOMS' Day.  MOMS is the clever acronym for Manitoba-Ontario-Minnesota-Saskatchewan.  We were treated to a lovely reception at early modernist Jole Shackleford's house in St. Paul on Friday evening, where we met colleagues from the University of Minnesota, the University of Manitoba and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.  On Saturday we heard and participated in a variety of presentations, including panels on eugenics, health care professions and diseases.  We closed the meeting with dinner on the 'West Bank Campus', seen here.

Image: The Merry Band of Mom-ers
Image Credit: Erika Dyck