Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Better late than never...

This spring and summer has brought a bumper crop of History graduate students. At May convocation Jonathan Anuik and Byron Plant received Doctor of Philosophy degrees, while Sarah Nickel and Christopher Paige took Master of Arts degrees.

Three more students successfully defended their theses over the summer and will walk the stage in the autumn: Amanda Harrigan (M.A. candidate), Alice Glaze (M.A. candidate) and Jason Zorbas (Ph.D. candidate).

The recent theses of these (former) students show the diversity of research interests within the department, ranging from political activism (Harrigan and Nickel) and identities (Anuik, Glaze and Zorbas) to Canadian policy and administration (Paige and Plant).

Belated congratulations to all of these graduates for their hard work -- and best wishes for future successes!

List of Recent Theses

Jonathan Anuik, "Métis Families and Communities and Christian and Public Schools: The Affirmation and Reclamation of Métis Identities in Saskatchewan, 1885-1979."

Alice Glaze, "
Women Before the Kirk: Godly Discipline in Canongate, 1640-1650."

Amanda Harrigan, "
Patriotism and Treason in the Life and Thought of Jean Paulhan."

Sarah Nickel
, "'The Right to be Heard': Saskatchewan First Nations Political Activism, 1922-1946."

Christopher Paige, "Canada and Chemical Warfare, 1939-1945."

Byron Plant, "The Politics of Indian Administration: A History of "Indian Affairs" in British Columbia, 1945-1969."

Jason Zorbas, "Diefenbaker, Latin America and the Caribbean: The Pursuit of Canadian Autonomy."

Please see the department website for further details.