Friday, October 05, 2007

The History Department is hosting two workshops for students considering applying for grad school and grad school funding. Current undergrad inhabitants of Planet History ought to have been bombarded by now with emails about this, but it never hurts to offer a reminder. And if the time to apply might be a year or more away, you can learn about your options in advance.

(The term "workshop" is something of a misnomer, by the way, as no work whatsoever is required of those wishing to attend, beyond showing up. These are information sessions designed to offer tactical advise and to answer any questions you might have.)

Applying for Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Funding”. Friday October 5th, 2:30 pm, Arts 710:

If you are thinking of applying to do a Master’s degree next year anywhere in Canada (including here), then you should be seriously considering applying for a SSHRC MA Scholarship, and tomorrow’s workshop will offer valuable advice. The first half of the workshop will, in fact, be directed specifically to applicants for MA funding, while the second half with focus on doctoral applicants.

“How to Apply to Graduate School”. Wednesday, October 17th, 2:30-4pm, Arts 102

This workshop concerns more general issues surrounding grad school: How do you choose a good school? A supervisor? A topic? What does the application process entail? What does it cost to apply? And what can you do to secure funding? Faculty and current grad students will be on hand to answer your questions about how the whole process works. There will also be brief presentations on why you might consider, and what would be involved in, applying to grad programs (or programmes) in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain, with sound practical advice.

If grad school is one of the options you are considering, these workshops will provide much useful advice.