Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Congratulations to Alison Jeppesen (M.A., 2002) and Jeff Wigelsworth (Ph.D., 2006), and welcome to their wee bairn James Wigelsworth (C.E. June 9, 2007). This classic history family resides in Halifax these days, where Jeff has just begun the second year of his two-year SHRC postdoc at Dalhousie, and both he and Alison are doing some teaching as well. His thesis on Deism in Enlightenment England will be published by Manchester University Press in 2008 -- not that young James doesn't trump all that. And not just because this style-conscious bairn can pull off the Brian Johnson look so easily. It is easy to see what the Jamesian fuss is all about if you check out James' blog.