Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July marks the start of a new administrative year, and this year the turnover has been larger than usual in the History Department. The big news is that Chris Kent is serving as acting head for the academic year 2006-07 while Brett Fairbairn is on leave. It is a huge job, and we are all very appreciative that Chris (who had already served his time as department head) has agreed to fill in for Brett.

In other switches, John Porter is the new Undergrad Director now that Martha Smith-Norris has completed her term in that post; Keith Carlson now chairs the Research Committee, succeeding Valerie Korinek; and Angela Kalinowski chairs the Instructional Committee now that Gordon DesBrisay has finished up there. Many thanks to the incomers for their willingness to serve, and to the outgoers for their dedicated efforts and many achievements over the past three or more years.

Meanwhile, over our CMRS colleague Carl Still has been elevated to the deanship of STM, and so Alan Reese succeeds him as chair of CMRS. Congratulations to both Carl and Alan.