Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Aware the Ides of March! The annual IDES OF MARCH TRIVIA NIGHT is this coming Saturday, March 18th, at 7:00pm in Convocation Hall (Inside the main doors on the first floor of the College Building). Come along for a raucous evening of fun and friendly team competition! Test your knowledge of the Ancient and Medieval world in a total of 8 categories, including mythology, warfare, archaeology, and of course, Julius Caesar; 8 questions per category; teams can be composed of family members, friends, or a combination of both; if you come alone we'll find you a team to join! So enjoy the ride! Win Prizes! Enjoy appetizers and refreshments! All proceeds to the Museum of Antiquities projects involving student employment and community programming. Tickets available at McNally Robinson and the Museum of Antiquities (Rm 116 College Building), or e-mail john.porter@usask.ca and reserve your tickets.

Adults $12.00
Students $10.00
Children $8.00

10% off for students registered in advance